Generator Ozon Profesional aer/apa 5000 mg /ora

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Generator ozon profesional 5 g/ora. The box-type ozone generator is an all-in-one machine which combines ozone discharge tube, power supply, control panel, air dryer tube, air pump, etc. in one body. The high quality ozone discharge tube is a PATENTED technology – the ‘Stainless Enamel-Coated Discharge Tube’ has stable condition and can produce high concentration ozone. Power Supply Unit (PSU) is the core part of the whole unit. It provides multiple protection functions and is efficient & stable. The series of ozone generators use ordinary room air as air source. The unit employs ‘Air Cooling’ to achieve desirable cooling result. MORDERN JOINTLESS DESIGN – safety frme with no sharp edges ! (Pic 01) TIMER & ADJUSTER brings full functions & better effects ! (Pic 02) We have replaceable ‘Air Dryer Tubes’ for sale !